New Drone Added to the Fleet!

New Drone Added to the Fleet!

Phantom 4 professional - Obsidian

In mid December I received the long awaited Phantom 4 Professional Edition Obsidian, Plus Edition.

I moved over to the Plus edition a few months ago as previously I used the model which needed to have my iPad pro connected to the drone as well. Personally I find the Plus module with the Screen much easier to see is direct sunlight due to its 1000cd/m2 brightness is awesome and just not needing to carry another device on jobs is really useful.

Since the Phantom first came out I have wanted to have a Black version. Best Buy in America did a Black edition a few months ago but it was just the standard model which although has a good camera and 4k capability is just not good enough to use for commercial purposes.

I have now used the obsidian on a couple of occasions and have to say the increased visibility that you get from the Black chassis is a massive improvement over the white model. This was really one of the main reasons that I upgraded.. plus it looks pretty sexy!

The Phantom is still my goto model due to is size and when shooting Aerial Images and Videography the 20mp camera and 4k camera is excellent and actually the same quality as my inspire 2 with the X4S Lens.

I will add a few more pictures next time I am flying but it is a great looking Drone. I added another couple of batteries in the same obsidian Colour and of course use ND Filters most of the time that I am capturing video unless it is sunset time!

Please feel free to ask any questions

More information can be found here: Phantom 4 Professional Model – Obsidian Edition



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